4 Practical Things Every Beginner Sex Toy Owner Must Know

Gone are the days when there was a heavy stigma in purchasing such items. Today’s generation is embracing positive sex more than ever. It helps uncover our true feelings leading to more enjoyable, healthier and fulfilling relationships. Whether it’s a Lovense item or a BDSM, you and your partner can use such toys to make every bedroom lovemaking more pleasurable and satisfying. Sex is a positive thing, especially with your partner.

Satisfying and exploring sexual fantasy is a bedroom conquest that never ceases its journey. Nevertheless, you can have sex toys as an excellent addition to fulfil these quests with you and your partner. Without further ado, here are some simple but incredibly useful tips every sex toy user should know:

1. Know How To Wash After Every Use

If it’s your first time buying a sex toy, whether it’s a dildo or butt plug, know the basics. It’s a must to clean your sex toy after every use to maintain proper hygiene and cleanliness, even if you’re not sharing it with a partner. Also, washing your toys regularly ensures lasting use without any discolouration. You should also consider proper storage to prevent bacteria contamination.

2. Use The Right Lube For Your Toys

Lubes are an important aspect of buying and using sex toys. Lubes reduce friction, which prevents you from having an injury during sex. Whether it’s for coitus or solo play, choosing the right lube can make a difference in the experience. For many, silicone-based lube tends to last longer while being slippery enough. Many find it gentle on the skin and does not trigger any allergies. Nevertheless, each has its own preference.

3. Know How To Spot Signs Before Throwing Your Toy

Sex toys don’t last forever. The good thing is you can easily find a replacement straight away by looking for sex toys online in Singapore. Nevertheless, if you own one, make sure to know the irregularities that indicate it’s time to replace or dump off your toy. Common signs to look out for include the toy’s damaged motor, visible surface cracks or discolouration.

4. Be Careful With Water

Not all sex toys have water-resistant features, especially since most are battery-operated ones. Be careful not to submerge the toys without taking any extra precautions. Consider removing the battery first or read the manufacturer’s guidelines for further instructions when cleaning your sex toy.

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