What distinguishes regular prostitutes from Mexican escorts?

Due to the greatest variety of ladies available in a range of price points, Mexico has recently emerged as one of the most sought-after locations for sex tourism. Large Mexican cities are easy places to find cheap street prostitutes, experienced sex workers in bars and restaurants, professional workers in bordellos, and top cancun escort service representatives. Therefore, it would be prudent of you to research in advance what precisely sets Mexican escorts apart from other prostitutes if you are intending to fly to Cancun, Acapulco, or any other well-known resort in quest of reasonably priced VIP-category girls.

The exterior distinctions

It should go without saying that Mexican escorts or sex workers on Istcrawler should be visually appealing, as appearance is their primary instrument for business. However, the representatives of the elite escorts share some distinctive qualities that set them apart from less expensive rivals:

  1. The appearance of the model. A woman who works in the intimate industry needs to have an attractive face and figure to draw a man’s attention and pique his lust. Naturally, all of the prostitutes are attractive and seductive women. Being an escort girl, however, is a another story. Only the best ones are chosen, and they must have physical parameters similar to those of a model.
  2. The age. Both youthful inexperienced girls and seasoned pros can be found among the classic call girls. Thus, it is possible to meet a representative of any age group. However, there are age restrictions when it comes to the escort service. This makes sense because affluent, high-status men typically like attractive, young women.
  3. Vibrant attire. The street prostitutes out there make every effort to catch the attention of potential customers. They so wear ostentatious clothing that barely covers their bodies in order to draw attention to their sexuality and make it clear what their occupation is. However, the senoritas from escorts are not picked up on the streets like those damsels are. They don’t need vibrant colors and incredibly hot photos because clients locate them through specialized agencies or on sex dating sites in categories like “best escort in CDMX” or similar ones. Conversely, VIP prostitutes enjoy dressing in fashionable, sophisticated, and exquisite attire.
  4. Excessive makeup. The street putanas utilize their makeup in the same manner that they do their clothes: to indicate to potential customers that they are ready to be picked up. Their makeup is always so vivid and daring because of this. The elite prostitutes, on the other hand, just apply makeup to enhance their inherent beauty, producing subtle, elegant pictures devoid of overt sensuality.

Professional skills

The distinguishing factor between Mexican escorts and street workers is not just their appearance. This differentiation is also a result of their professional abilities.

  1. Excellence in erotica. Classical proxies of the old trade provide a narrow selection of personal favors, typically consisting of a few customary poses and some oral caresses for an additional fee. However, a girl’s skills are more plentiful and unpredictable the more expensive and popular she is. For instance, you may find girls in escorts who are professionally trained in non-conventional sexual activities like tantric sex, working with fetishes, and massage therapy.
  2. Attending events with others. While escort females might be welcomed as arm candy for walks, as knowledgeable guides to local places in Mexico, as interpreters, or even as a companions for business talks, typical prostitutes are only engaged for sexual services.
    Knowing the difference and being able to discriminate between regular prostitutes and professional escorts is crucial. It is just at that point that you will be able to locate ideal mates and enjoy wonderful dates with Mexican women.