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Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?

Pornography is a contentious topic. Many people react very negatively to some reference or reference of pornographic material, and some argue it’s a pure manifestation of human sexuality.

It appears that the two sides of the argument boil down to the following rankings:

  1. Pornography is terrible because religion tells us so, or because it’s degrading to women or another reason that doesn’t influence the men watching it.
  1. Pornography is good because we need to be sexually liberated and connected with our sexuality.

I think both sides are mistaken. I strongly think that we will need to liberate ourselves sexually and get in touch with our sexuality, and – all evidence points to the fact that porn in general, and bliss to pretty pornstars and  pornography specifically, have little to do with natural novelty and are incredibly unhealthy for males.

Let us start with the fundamentals. When you place a man rat and a female rat in precisely the same cage, the very first thing that happens is a frenzy of copulation. Afterwards, the male loses attention and finds a place to rest somewhere. But if you replace the rat with a different “new” female, he immediately wakes her, and yet another frenzy of copulation ensues. This procedure can be repeated until the male rat dies of exhaustion.

This phenomenon is called the Coolidge Effect – the degree to which novelty increases sexual attraction (by the way, surprisingly, the effect also happens in females). The mechanism by which it works is just like every other desire or desire in our body. The debut of novelty raises the creation of Dopamine, the “wanting” neurochemical, and induces us to become sexually pretty pornstars excited.

Other factors that might increase Dopamine secretion and also get us more sexually excited than usual are:

* Beautiful females.

* Overt sexual behavior.

* Novel situations or scenarios

* Easy & immediate accessibility.

Take all these factors together: a profusion of incredibly appealing novel mates, behave in a very sexual manner, and are just a click away — and you get today’s internet porn. In one typical session, you can see 30 or 40 different amazing girls do the things you’ve always wanted, and your mind will respond with vast amounts of Dopamine, sometimes hundreds of times higher than during regular sexual intercourse.

Where is the issue, you ask?

The dilemma is that our cells adjust to the odd super-stimulus by desensitizing themselves to Dopamine. So if previously we were excited by searching for one average girl in tight jeans, now we get as excited by appearing at 40 different pornstars for an entire hour.

And when we see that average girl in tight clothing again, our bodies will do. . Nothing. We’ll be bored, perhaps even impotent. Consciously every guy knows that sex is perfect, and this pretty pornstars is sexy, but physically the answer could be dull or non-existent.