Foot Fetish Explained: How To Use Your Foot Fetish Sex Toys During Sex

If you’ve got an interest in sexual fetishes, there’s a good chance you’ll have come across foot fetishes and how to incorporate foot fetish sex toys before. But while you’ve heard of foot fetishes, and probably know someone with a foot fetish, you’re probably still wondering about what exactly it involves and why people are into it. Luckily for you, we’ve swotted up on foot play to bring you everything you need to know about foot fetishes: from suggesting it to your partner, to the beginner’s steps to try.

What is a foot fetish?

Sexual fetishes like foot fetish is usually when you get off to an object, piece of clothing, or a body part that’s not usually seen as sexual. So, a foot fetish – also known as podophilia – involves a “heightened and specific sexual interest in feet and/or footwear. This might be as simple as just looking at feet but can extend into dressing them up, licking and sucking them, or involving them in sexual acts.

How common are foot fetishes?

Foot fetishes or foot worship are popular fetish and many couples say they enjoy foot play more so when foot fetish sex toys are used. Plus, it was found to be the most popular fetish involving non-genital body parts, so if you’re into that you’re not alone. And you don’t have to be a foot fetishist per se to enjoy foot stuff from time to time.

Fetishes mean different things for different people. Some people might have a “mild fetish,” where they want to engage in foot play every once in a while. Others might have a “stronger fetish,” where they want to engage with it all the time or even see it as part of their sexual orientation.

The important thing is that people are engaging in foot fetishes using foot fetish sex toys and any sexual activity, safely and consensually. And fetishes can have the power to become a really meaningful and enriching part of anyone’s sex life. For these reasons, it’s not always super useful to concentrate on where a person’s fetish ‘comes from’, Silva explains. If someone enjoys something, that’s great and it doesn’t really matter what the origins of it might be for them, as long as they are engaging in it safely and healthily.