Types of sex dolls you must know about before shopping

Every person has a personal choice and view about the sex partner they wish to have. Before placing an order for custom sex dolls, exploring the various types of these silicone dolls is essential. For the best ROI, you should explore top blogs and websites from where you can gather sufficient information about the exact silicone wife you must have.

Here, in this article we have done that job for you and about to cater a list of popular sex doll types you can have—

Shop High-End Sex Dolls

Real silicone sex wife connoisseurs have a passion for having the most realistic dolls created with the medical grade silicone with macromolecule properties. From face to body everything looks lifelike. The high-end dolls are handcrafted that also demands more time and craftsmanship for impressing customers. For 100% ROI and the desire to satisfy your carnal expectations buy the high-end sex dolls.

Mid-range Sex Dolls

Considering the medium budget of the customers, suppliers have to suggest them mid-ranged sex dolls. From a distance, the mid ranged dolls look quite similar to the high-end sex dolls however these dolls are crafted by poor quality materials.

Cheap Sex Dolls

With a very limited budget, shop the cheap or the entry level sex dolls. These are lightweight dolls without the lifelike physical features however you can get some pleasure from these dolls.

Different types of physical beauty of the dolls

Curvy realistic dolls

With a kink for matured women, place an order for a MILF or a curvy sex doll with heavy breasts and buttocks.

Thin Asian Teenager Doll

Do you like small tit Asian woman? Then the doll makers can build a fine Japanese, Korean, or Chinese girl sex doll with long or short hair and exact physical statistics as you order for.

So, consider these things before shopping a sex doll.