Secluded secret beaches of Melbourne

Melbourne is one of the most beautiful cities in Australia, with great beaches and a lot of tourists. But it also has some secluded spots where you can get away from the crowds. Here’s my guide to some of them:

Aireys Inlet

Just an hour outside Melbourne, this beach is very quiet. It’s mostly visited by coastal walkers.

Pengo’s Beach

It takes a little longer to get there, but this is one of the best beaches in Victoria. It’s the only preserved bushland on the Victorian coast. There are no facilities here and you’re going to want a car if you intend on visiting, though it’s well worth the drive.

Beechworth (Top secret)

Beechworth is a little town and UNESCO Heritage Site. The surrounding countryside is beautiful, and if you like cycling then this place is great. We found what looks to be an excellent beach here in the summer of 2014. If anyone else has visited it in the summer, let us know!.

Point Lonsdale

This is the only place on this list that isn’t in an area with no reception. You can get a pretty good 4G at some sections of this beach. It’s about 45 minutes outside of Melbourne and has rock pools and a long beach.

Lake Elizabeth

Not far from Beechworth, this place is located in an area called the King Valley. It’s definitely for the more adventurous type of person, but it has good views and plenty to explore! There are no facilities here so be prepared if you visit.

Jack Smith Beach (Top secret)

Another place where getting there without a car is difficult. The entrance to this place is near the town of Kinglake, but it’s better known as Jack Smith Beach. Just make sure you don’t make any spelling or sign-posting mistakes when trying to find this secluded spot.

Kaiti beach (Top secret)

A secluded beach that is accessible by car, just an hour from Melbourne and about 45 minutes from Geelong. It’s a beautiful spot on the coast and has great ocean views, what more could you want?

Tideways South Beach (Top secret)

This is the most well-known secluded beach in Melbourne, but it’s also one of the best. The sand here is white and soft, perfect for relaxing. If you’re lucky to come during low tide then there are rockpools to explore! Just make sure you don’t mess with Mother Nature or go beyond the designated areas.

Windy Point Lookout

This is one of the best points in Melbourne and it’s only about 40 minutes from downtown. It takes a while to get there, but you can also catch some great views of Port Phillip Bay. Amazing sunset views here too if that’s your thing!

Fling Jetty (Top secret)

Just another 45-minute drive east of Melbourne, this place is great for fishing and swimming. There are plenty of facilities here (although there aren’t any bathrooms or showers like at other beaches). You can also walk down the jetty if you want to get some good views of the ocean. Be warned; there’s no cellphone reception here, so take this into account if you’re planning to visit.

Half Moon Bay

This place is very close to Pakenham and was named as such because of its shape. It’s a good spot for fishing, but the ocean here isn’t as calm as other places on this list.

Normandy Beach (Top secret)

Just south of Pakenham, about an hour from the CBD; this is one of the most accessible secluded beaches on this list. There are facilities here, but there aren’t any signs telling you where the beach is. Just ask around or look for “Normandy Rd” which will take you to Normandy Beach.

Russell’s Farm (Top secret)

This is one of my favorite places in Melbourne. It’s a small beach near Warrandyte where you can go cliff-jumping into the ocean!

Sorrento (Top secret)

Another great place is close to Pakenham. Just 20 minutes away, this place has an amazing view of Western Port Bay. It has a good mix of rocky and sandy beaches. There are campsites here too if you visit during the summer holidays or want to stay for longer than just one day.


There are a lot of secluded beaches in Melbourne! Feel free to comment on any others you know about so we can add them to this list. What’s your favorite? If you have any feedback, let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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