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The improvement of innovative love dolls or sex dolls is pushed by consumers’ demand. This is published by crowd funding plans in which upcoming new buyers allow to invest to entrepreneurs who make new love dolls to the market. There is also a big interest in the progression of love dolls for aging populations and for people with disabilities. Love dolls that can handle mind, do not need hand function. Despite the wide confession of love dolls enacting human body parts, the promotion and marketing of human-like love dolls and of interactive and moving full-body sex dolls have expressed big conflict in both public and academic discourses. The incompatibility start with the purification of the main ideas. 

Most of the demand about recent and future effects of sex dolls or sex robots are mainly speculative so far because design studies and empirical use and effect studies are rare. The first so-called love doll brothels have opened in Asia, North America, and Europe, associated by strong media publicity. The aspects of clinicians are also divided. Some therapists show how living with a love doll can be a helpful and healing transitional procedure after traumatic experiences, especially when related to professional therapeutic care. Other clinical authors warn their staff that products from the love dolls industry are marketed with health claims that are rather warrantable. High-end sex doll manufacturers give many options for choosing and customization and also make custom-made love dolls. Hence, abstract love dolls with no reflection to an exact real person require to be differentiated from portrait love dolls planned in the likeness of a normal person. True-to-life sex dolls like Real Doll from Abyss Creations are sensual, require care and repair, and there are not easy to maintain because of their weight of about 65-70 lbs for female dolls and 85-105 lbs for male dolls.

The sex doll market demonstrated by customers’ demand and offers naturally female love dolls with highly sexualized looks that fulfill traditional feminine beauty standards. However, customization grants for more body diversity, along with the well-planned design of so-called bodily flaws. Hence, the love doll industry serves to various appearance-related customer demands. Love dolls or sex robots marketed today should not be confused with ideas of future advanced love dolls that are imagined as having sentience, awareness, free will, morality, and possibly the legal status of people. There are also visions of future multifunctional assistance robots for domestic use that will do housework, take care children, give elderly care services, and provide sexual services. These imagined advanced love dolls or multifunctional robots with sexual functions present in science fiction and in current philosophical and legal sex robot debates, but are far away from the recent state of technological improvement. Although high-end, true-to-life love dolls have been on the market for more than 20 years, love dolls are still in a very early stage of progression. The manufacturer True Companion demands to have brought the world’s very first love dolls to the market. It introduced its female-gendered love doll Roxxxy to the public in 2010 and later announced the male-gendered love doll Rocky, stirring a media frenzy. However, it is possessed today, for good reasons, that Roxxxy and Rocky have never been more than over hyped prototypes. Thus far, not a single customer has surfaced, and the True Companion web shop has not changed over the years. The initiated Real Doll manufacturer Abyss Creations launched its first sex robot Harmony in 2018, followed by Solana and Henry. Hence, although thousands of experienced love doll owners exist worldwide, who have built their own distinct doll owner communities with online forums and offline meet-ups, there is only a very small number of pioneer users of sex robots. This limits the options for empirical research on long-term sex robot users, use, and effects. Love dolls or sex dolls are widespread. They can be ordered online or bought in sex doll shop and can be found in brothels and households. Sex robots are also on the rise. Research, however, has been slow to address this topic thoroughly. Often, it does not differentiate between users and areas of application, remaining vague, especially in the humanities and social sciences. The present contribution deals with the idea and history of love dolls and sex robots. The demands of the customers have emergingly expanding from the site of man’s desire and adequate demands from the site.